Focused one on one, or one on many,

live, remote, and recorded education sessions

Private Education

L/T Support 1,950
10 Hours
S/T Support 1,100
5 Hours
1.5 Hour Session 450
1.5 Hours
1 Hour Session 375

Self Paced, Subscription Based Learning

Patreon let’s you pledge a monthly subscription of your choosing.

I’ve set up a page with options from $5 – $50 per month.

$25 an up gets you the passwords for the videos that require them

Depending on which level you choose you will receive rewards.

Pick whichever one suits you. This is how you can work with me.

Visit my Patreon channel here and make a pledge:

Nerd Enterprises on Patreon

Media production and Content Services

Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

This is where you can get our help doing it for you (eg consulting)

School of Answers

This is where you sign up for Private Education.

One on one / many training so you can get past the things you’re stuck on, and move on to whatever it is that you do best!


Between Wall and Main

This is where it’s all heading.

A news and media site to help you, the accountant, bookkeeper, and business owner

connect the dots between what’s happening on Wall St., and how that affects you on Main St.